The Life of Women in Papua New Guinea. Lecture by Inge


I tell life stories of women from Papua New Guinea through three generations.

Grandma does not know her age, she went in grass skirt and lived with rites and nature religion.

Mother went to church and wear long dress. She still carried her children in a net on her back.

The daughter goes to school, knows about computer and sing pop songs.

During the lecture I will show slides and video clips with song and dance.

Woman Papua New Guinea. Photo: Inge


1 - 2 hours
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About the lecturer
I have traveled and stayed in Papua New Guinea through many years. I have, among other things, been tour leader, guide, taught in courses and collected life stories. 
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Culture, art, theatre, dance, health, mindfulness, nature, travelling, developement, indigenous people, history and storytelling.
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