A Guided Bike Ride Through the Unspoilt Landscape of Svanninge Bakker

Faldsled Kro, bespoke restaurant. Photo: Falsled Kro

Experience the amazing Svanninge Bakker by bicycle. Join me on this wonderful journey by bike through the natural hilly paradise Svanninge Bakker, and get numerous experiences to take home from places you did not know existed. As your very own personal guide, I will let you experience it all first handed.

This is paradise. Biking does not come much better than this. This bike ride scores pure A's on all parameters - it is simply world class! You will see some indescribably beautiful, unspoilt landscapes that will make you love the proud traditions our country has in culture and landscape preservation.

It's a well-known fact that landscape painters such as Fritz Syberg, Johannes Larsen and Peter Hansen who are all part of the renowned group of paintes living on Funen around 1900 made pilgrimages to this area. The group was called Fynboerne meaning we who live on Funen

We'll start this bicycle tour on Grønnegade 71 in the picturesque little market town of Faaborg. Faaborg has an extraordinary number of well-preserved old buildings and cosy narrow streets and Grønnegade is no exception. We'll meet in front of the town's beautiful hostel and make sure our bicycles are tuned and ready. We'll make a slow and easy departure from Faaborg as we move eastward along quaint sideroads. There will be a few bumps and hills along the way, but don't worry, if it gets too steep we can walk up with our bicycles.

Our first stop after 5 km is the impressive manor house and park Holstenshuus from 1908. The park is recently restored and has public entry. After our stop here we'll continue to Gammel Dyrehave to the north of Holstenshuus, where we'll also meet the tour's first hilltop, Kongshøj reaching a height of 116 m. Before we let ourselves be engulfed in the green forest, we'll go through some of the most beautiful countryside as we ride at a leisurly pace through the village of Grønderup before going into yet another forest proving that Svanninge Bakker boasts Funen's largest interconnected forested area.

After another four kilometres of forest, luckily by paved roads, we'll approach the large preserved area around the Brændegård lake which has an extraordinary amount of birds and sometimes even golden eagles can be spotted there. We'll make a short break here among the beautiful fields. We've cycled 14 kilometers at this stage.

Brændegård lies just 4 km from here and is part of the vast Brahetrolleborg estate covering a total of 2.700 hectares. From the southeast we'll approach the 800 year old estate, which is a cultural and historical hub for this region known especially for its captivating nature.

From there we'll carry on on a small gravel road, Øvej for the next 2.5 km. The views from this little road are spectacular! We'll leave Brahetrolleborg behind as we approach the largest lake on all of Funen, Arreskov Lake. The neighbouring Arreskov estate, one of Funen's oldest offers a great opportunity for a walk in the park. Arreskov estate covers an area of 1.638 hektar. The lake itself covers 320 hectares with a maximum depth of 3,7. Arreskov Lake is also the source of Odense river. At this point we've cycled 23 km and reached a height of 34 m.

We'll head up to the main road, and with 28 km done, we'll be exactly halfway. We'll head southwest on main road for the next 600 metres before we turn right down Sinaivej. Another 4 km and we reach the beautiful Sandholt estate from the 16th century. Standing in front of the 500 year old half timbered white building you can almost feel the years gone by relegating past centuries.

This is the heart of the area known as ''the Alps of Funen'', so biking here get our blood pumping! We cross the country road towards Brobyværk, pass Trente Mølle, a mill from 1600 and continue into the forests. Østrupgård manor house is located between the forests Østrupgård Bjergskov and Ugleskov. The manor house boasts moats, a late-medieval main building built of boulders and the impressive half-timbered and thatched buildings. Østrupgård manor is a unique and picturesque manor house. For all its pristine character, Østrupgård has a unique cultural-historical interest.

The highest peak on this tour is Trebjerg, reaching a height of 128 metres above sea level. From here we have a beautiful views over Helnæs Bay and the South Funen Archipelago. We'll go through the fine little village of Håstrup, the 2020 winner of ''Village of the Year'' and further downhill we'll reach the coastal village of Falsled where we stop for ice-cream at Faldsled Kro, Falsled Inn. The last 8 km let us pass the manor house Steensgård and take us through the villages of Millinge and Svanninge. After  a day full of beatutiful views, plenty of exercise and not least the wonderful Funen landscape we are back in Grønnegade in Faaborg where we'll say goodbye right where we started.


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