A guided Bike Ride to Kerteminde With Charming Countryside


Join me on a guided bike ride into the heart of Funen's charm: manor houses, view of the fiord and the sea, vast fields, small roads, Kerteminde, beach life, ice cream cones and small picturesque and well preserved villages. A painter's paradise!

Come along on a guided bike ride into the landscapes of magic and dreams, and have a unique experience you will never forget, with sun on your face, salt water in your hair, an ice cream cone in your stomach, and your mind filled with enough beauty for a whole life! Welcome to the Kerteminde area.

We bike along small quiet roads as much as possible. We bike at a slow and gentle pace, for everyone to enjoy. We begin in Odense, follow small paths and roads, explore the countryside, stop at beautiful places, have a long rest in Kerteminde halfway, and criss-cross our way back to Odense along charming backcountry roads with a lot to see along the way.

This is a full day tour. It can be tailored if you have special wishes. I recommend sunscreen and swimwear!


8 hours
Type of tour
Bicycle tour
Takes place in this country
Mostly this area
Kerteminde and Odense. Countryside
Distance in km
Minimum number of participants
Maximum number of participants
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