Become a Preferred Partners

When you settle for booking all guides or tour managers for assignments throughout Denmark with Guide Service Denmark, you get several advantages. You can rationalize your workflow and your staff can focus on guest related aspects while we supply you with a guide or tour manager.

Being a preferred partner with Guide Service Denmark you have a guarantee, we will always find you a guide - also when you are in a time bind and the deadline is uncomfortably close. Arrange with Mette Berrig, Head of Operations, tel: +45 4156 2859 when you want to become a preferred partner with Guide Service Denmark.

Are you familiar with our definitions of tour guides and tour managers?

Booking of guides (by the hour)
Booking tour managers (by the day)
Benefits Your savings   Benefits Your savings
A considerable number of tour guides at your disposal.

You save time when you do not have to recruit, educate and manage tour guides yourself

A considerable number of tour managers You save time when you do not have to recruit, educate or manage a pool of tour managers

Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable about the destinations and points of interest they cover

No time lost on recruiting guides and verifying their qualifications Our tour managers predominantly work in countries they like and where they have extensive experience Experienced and skilled tour managers are available to you at no extra cost. You do not have to invest any time and extra money.
Guiding is avaliable in many languages Speedy booking - less bother Tour managers for most of the world Speedy booking - less bother
Get a special rate when booking for more than DKK 95.000,- a year. That is approximatly € 12.500 a year Get 5% off on any additional orders. Book all your tour managers with Guide Service Denmark at least 12 weeks prior to departure Get 5% off on the daily rates for the whole tour
We handle all payments - you get an invoice. Simple. No expenses managing taxes, salaries, vacations etc. Book all your tour managers with Guideservice Denmark less than 12 weeks prior to departure Get 2,5% off on the daily rates for the whole tour
We are prepared to manage any guides you already use. We provide a one-stop solution and service so you can save time and expenses. We pay the tour managers. You pay one invoice per job. Period. Cut down on your expenses for banktransfers etc.

There is a backup available when a guide declines an assignment.

Less pressure from deadlines, less vulnerability when a guide drops out or falls ill.

If you already use particular tour managers, we would happily continue manage them too. They can work exclusively for you or you can haveensure you have preferred priority

With booking all your tour managers with a single provider you can spend your time on what you do best

OOOPS! Urgently in need of a solution. Don't worry. We have your back. Our last minute fee for assignments less than 72 hours away is only DKK 1000,- + VAT.

If you can offer a manager only a few jobs a year, we might be able to find more assignments. And they will remain avaliable to you.

Don't worry. We have your back irrespective of the number of tour managers you require

If you commit to placing at least 30 assignments, we can set a fixed max. hourly rate for the guides.

If your preferred tour manageres are not available we have your back. Avoid the stress factor with tight deadlines and avoid the vulnerability if your tour manager falls ill or suddenly becomes unavailable
OOOPS! Urgently in need of a solution. Don't worry. We have your back. Our last minute fee for assignments less than 7 days away is only DKK 1000,- + VAT.


What to consider 

A shortcut to bookings - benefits and discounts for agencies

How to stay on budget? It's easily done by booking your guides and tour managers well ahead of time.

During a day at the office you have so many and differing tasks. Some of them can soundly be outsourced. Such as letting Guide Service Denmark provide your tour guides for Denmark and tour managers for Scandinavia. We provide the guides at affordable rates so you can focus more on your groups and the practicalities.

We are experts in booking tour guides

Check out the advantages of being a preferred customer. Make your arrangements with Booking Manager Mette Berrig - tel. +45 4156 2859.

Your time is valuable

Your time is valuable. The same goes for your colleagues

  • How do you maximize the value of your effort for your company?
  • Have you worked out the calculation on every single task?
  • Have you ever worked out the cost, when you spend time finding and booking guides?
  • What is the cost when you include the time spent on research?

An example: You need a tour guide or a tour manager. You either call or write and then more or less patiently wait for an answer. For how long? How many requests do you send out before finding your tour guide? How much time have you spent by now and at what cost?

We can solve this for you and your colleagues. All you need to do is send one e-mail or make one phone call. You benefit immediately from our knowledge of the industry and a short response time. If your preferred guide is unavailable, you will receive a list of alternatives to choose from. We can assign a guide to the job, or you can decide according to your knowledge and your customers. Whatever suits you.

If you consider the guideline (multiplying salaries by 1.42 to arrive at the real cost of a job) you may find that we can offer bookings at a very competitive price.

We are happy to cooperate with your existing staff of tour guides and tour managers. You can reserve exclusive or priority acces to their services if you prefer.

Tour Guides 

Choose the tour guide you want. Get a list of any avaliable guides for a particular job. Or leave the decision to us. You decide.

Our booking form collects the relevant information immediately and the booking process proceeds without delay.  We know how important it is to finish a task and move on. Forget about unaswered calls or email to guides, forget waiting for an answer. You receive a list of available guides by mail and pick your favourite. Or leave the decision to us, consider it done, don't worry, be happy.

Benefits if you consolidate your bookings with GuideserviceDanmark

If you book all your tour guides and tourmanagers at GuideserviceDanmark there are special benefits. If you make many bookings, you can get 5 % off and get a fixed maximum hourly rate for tour guides. 

Inspiration and ideas - we cover it 

We have a large assortment of tours available for you to start with - find your inspiration and create the best itinerary for your groups. Of course we can also customize tours specifically to your requirements. Concentrate on the tasks on which you are the expert - and when needed, you may rely on our expertise.

Concentrate on the task only you can do, it means less effort and less time spent if you leave the booking of guides to us. We believe this is true win-win.

We already provide guides for

The best part of our job is having happy customers and partners.

Just to let you know who some of our happy customers are:

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CLAY Keramikmuseum Danmark

CLAY National Museum of Ceramic Art, Kongebrovej 42, 5500 Middelfart

Visit Vejle

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How to cancel your preferred customer status

You can cancel our agreement with 3 months' notice.

Assignments that are already booked will be fullfilled as agreed and you can still make new bookings with us according to our general Terms of Agreement and following our normal procedure. Your guides will be free to leave GuideserviceDanmark and return to working for you. Benefits and discounts no longer apply. 

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