Lolland: Lake District, Spectacular Stone Sculptures, Tunnel Construction

Lake at Maribo. Photo: BEST Production

On a guided coach tour on the lovely island of Lolland you will experience the lake district by Maribo and the fjord by Nakskov as well as picturesque towns combined with a view of the large tunnel construction project in Rødbyhavn.

After visiting the exhibition centre of the tunnel project I shall show you the Maribo Lakes nature park, and I’ll tell you about the beautifully situated manor house Søholt, the baroque style garden of which we shall explore.

In Maribo I shall take you on a stroll through the idyllic old part of Maribo and tell you more about the origins of this town. We shall also visit the cathedral of Maribo which has a lovely setting by the lake.

In the regional museum, located in Maribo, we take a view of the exhibition about the stoneage girl, Lola, and I will give you more information about the many archaeological findings made at the South coast of Lolland prior to the tunnel construction.

Now it’s time to get out into the countryside again, and we drive towards the North coast of Lolland. We park the coach by a small harbour town with ferries to the small islands, Fejø and Femø, and walk to the spectacular Dodecalith monuments, where I shall tell you about the meaning of these tall stone figures which are overlooking the sea.

When driving south towards Nakskov by the fjord you will see a number of fruit tree plantations, and I shall provide further insight into the tasty drinks made from the fruit. You could even get to sample some yourself!

We have time to visit Nakskov with it’s harbour and fine, old warehouses and take a stroll there.

I can arrange for a light lunch of open-faced sandwiches if you like. Please order the lunch when booking the tour.



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