Historic Frederiksgade - in the hidden backyards


Frederiksgade, Frederik's Street, named after a Danish King is one of the oldest streets in the city of Aarhus and it dates back to the middle ages.

Along the street there was in the middle ages a Carmelite convent and only a few years ago archaeologists discovered its cemetery in the back yard of no. 78. In front of that same adress was the town gate towards Brobjerg, which was then the country side.

Also buildings from the 17th to the 19th century are still preserved in the street and this tour will show you their interesting back yards where you can still see what some of them were used for in the past. The street is also renowned for its many beautiful cast iron gates.

This historic walk can last 1-2 hours according to your wishes and shorter versions are also available.


2 hours
Type of tour
City walk
Takes place in this country
Mostly in this city
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