Horror in the Old City of Copenhagen

The Black Death - the Plague
A city walk in the name of horror and cruelty in the 18th century.
We start our tour at The City Square, Rådhuspladsen, where the western city gate Vesterport once stood and was the gateway to the old walled city of Copenhagen.
We continue towards Copenhagen University from the 15th century and Vor Frue Square. The anatomical theatre was located here and the executed criminals were handed over to the professors at the University who tried to understand the mystery of the human body.
We walk to the City Hall and to the place where the different executions and punishments took place. Still today it's possible to see the remnants of this building. Hear about the men working in this field - bødlen og natmanden - the executioner and his fellow. You will get an insight to how life was for the people living in Copenagen in the 18th century and how law and order was upheld.
At this city tour you will also hear about the Great Plague - called the Black Death and the methods that were used in finding a cure for this terrible disease that changed Copenhagen's demography drastically.
You will also hear about the two huge fires in 1728 and 1795 that forever changed how the city looked!
Finally you will hear one of the most tragic and horrific love stories taken place in Copenhagen in the 18th century!
Welcome on this special city tour which gives you an insight to the horror and cruelty of the past!


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