Egeskov's Exciting Museums

Exhibition at Egeskov Castle. Photo: Egeskov

A guided tour of the various museums and exhibitions at Egeskov offers you entertainment, excitement and facts. Here you can find items of interest for adults as well as children.

See vintage cars, from stream propelled to turbo charged. Take a close look at the rescue helicopter, feel the thrill at the motorbikes from the Danish traffic police, listen to the engines of the vintage motorcycles purring or dream of driving a fire engine.

Egeskov has one of the biggest collections of vintage cars or Oldtimers collections in Denmark. The cars belong to the castle or to private collectors. You will find true gems some of them belonging to the royal family. The oldest one is even steam powered!

But there is a lot more to be found in the big exhibition hall. 8 aircrafts, among them a rescue helicopter - ready for take off of course.

The motorcycles are on show in a separate building. 38 different brands, suspended in chains, so you can study all the details close up.

If you want to revive your memories of going shopping as a child, before the time of self-service and the supermarket, the grocer's museum will amuse you. This is the place, where you will very likely exclaim: "Do you remember the times when...."

There is an exhibition of bicycles, and the rescue service Falck has its own exhibition with ambulances, fire engines and various tools.

The latest addition is the camping-museum which will open 2021.

You can also find old horsedrawn carriages, farming equipment and you can watch a movie about the Danish inventor Ellehammer and how he was the first in Europe to construct and actually take off with an engine powered plane.

You can round off your visit with a guided tour of the house or of the grounds and garden as well. Each takes about an hour.


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