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Dive into Denmark's past and get a cultural-historical perspective on what it means to be Danish. I have worked as a tour guide since 2014, and am a native Copenhagener and historian. My specialty is to convey engaging stories about Denmark to visitors of all ages.

I was born in the Northern distric of Copenhagen and have lived in the city all my life, apart from a few short-term detours abroad.

With a Master of Arts degree in history and Danish literature, I have a broad knowledge of the country's history and culture, especially with a focus on Copenhagen and the surrounding area. I have followed Copenhagen's development on close hand from childhood to adulthood, and I have extensive knowledge of Copenhagen's history, cultural life, architecture, food, and social conditions.

My tours are usually based on history, culture, and city life, mixing the present with the past to give a broad perspective on life in Copenhagen. I've had an international social circle for years, and as a guide, I am used to interacting with travelers from all parts of the world. My tours are offered in Danish and English, and I accept bookings from both individual visitors and larger groups. My trips can be tailored to the individual guest or group, and I also offer help with trip planning if you have a longer stay in Copenhagen.

I offer both city walks, castle visits to Rosenborg, Christiansborg and the North Zealand castles Frederiksborg and Kronborg.

Visits to the Jewish Museum, the Design Museum, the National Art Gallery, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art can also be arranged. I am not an art expert or art historian, but I have a broad, general knowledge of Danish art and architecture in a historical perspective.

If you want multi-day tour or tours outside Copenhagen, you can also book me for guided tours to Dragør (by bus / car), Odense, Roskilde and Elsinore.

Specialties: Jewish City Walk, Hans Christian Andersen's Copenhagen, Copenhagen's harbor ring (bike tour), Dragør fishing village, and Roskilde's world heritage (Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum).


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