Guide on Bornholm, Torsten


I like the unique nature, culture, and history of Bornholm.

I want to show my guests how Bornholm is entwined in the history of Denmark, Sweden and the history of the rest of the world. I will tell you some of the countless fascinating stories about the nature, culture and history of this rather small island.

I am a dedicated teller of stories, and hopefully you will come to share some of my exitement about the island of Bornholm.

25 years ago I graduated as an academy economist of tourism from the Danish Tourism Academy on Bornholm, and I was trained as a nature guide from Bornholm's Museum in cooperation with the National Forest and Nature Agency of Denmark.

I have also worked as a teacher and guide at the Bornholms Højskole. Finally, I am trained as an Act Art guide, and like to engage my guests actively and interact with the surroundings during my guiding.

I am a city guide and nature guide and do tours all year. I regularly guide everywhere on Bornholm, according to the guest's requirements.


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