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Your good experience is my top priority! Join me on a guided tour of historical gardens, sights, and urban environments, or join a nature walk in Northern Zealand.

I grew up in Roskilde with its rich history and beautiful surroundings, which has helped shape my love of nature and history. Since 2012 I have lived in Frederiksberg and recently, I trained as a Nature and Culture Guide, after working as a gardener in historical gardens.

My practical experience comes from places like the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Esrum Monastery and the Garden Society's Garden. I have a special interest in and knowledge of local history and garden history, as well as medieval herbal medicine and folk beliefs.

I am a conscientious guide who looks you in the eye and ensures a good atmosphere on the tour. I create relevance for you, by relating something in my guiding to your everyday life. This also creates a good connection between me as a guide and you.

With humor, anecdotes, and personal stories, I will stimulate your curiosity and inspire you with my own passion for history and nature. For me, good guiding is about creating a good atmosphere and targeting it to my audience. Therefore, I would like to know if you have a special interest or topic that you are curious about.

I mostly guide in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Frederiksberg, where I have local knowledge. In addition, I can also be booked for tours in North Zealand, as I have some knowledge of Hillerød, Dyrehaven and Rådvad, as well as about Esrum and Grib Forest.


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