Guided Church and Cemetery Walk in Vejle

Sct. Nikolaj Church, Vejle

In Vejle we have 4 interesting cemeteries and a number of beautiful and interesting churches.

This walk can be a cemetery or a church walk or a combination of both depending on your wishes. A brilliant way to get to know some of our Danish cultural traditions.

At the Old Churchyard, consecrated in 1825 you find graveyards for many famous Vejle citisens who have had a big impact on Vejle's religious and cultural life as well as people who have occupied important posts or who were driven entrepreneurs.

The Three Years' War, 1848-1850, has likewise made its mark, for example the single pit for fallen soldiers during the defense of Vejle in 1864.

The Eastern Churchyard, consecrated in 1825 reveals stories about family burial grounds for Vejle's greatest entrepreneurs such as Christian Martin Hess and Marius Windfled-Hansen, who both contributed in making Vejle a prosperous industrial town.

At the Northern cemetery there is a section with war graves dating from the Second World War 1939-45. The Northern cemetery is too far away though from the rest of the cemeteries for us to walk there, so should you wish to visit that with another location you will need a bus or a car.

Vejle also has a very beautiful Methodist church and the church of Sct. Nikolai is a beautiful medieval church with a very interesting history and well worth visiting.


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