Experience the Golden Age of Danish Art and Culture

The beautiful lakes in Copenhagen

Join a city walk in Copenhagen and follow the footsteps of our famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen, the world-known philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen and the theologist Grundtvig. Get to know the history of the city while doing so.

The Golden Age of Danish Art is a specifically fascinating period. Never have so many great artists and thinkers been gathered on such little space as in Copenhagen in the first half of the 1800s. Painters, writers, sculptors and scientists - they were all there. They all influenced Denmark, our way of thinking or the way our society is today. 

We pass the University of Copenhagen, we pass some of the buildings where Hans Christian Andersen lived and I'll introduce you to his Copenhagen. We visit the Cathedral of Copenhagen, Vor Frue Kirke, with the famous statue of Christ by Thorvaldsen and I show you the statues of Kierkegaard and Andersen. 

On our city walk you will also see Tivoli from the outside and heare about the founder of this famous amusement garden, Georg Carstensen who created Tivoli on parts of the ramparts of Copenhagen. Famous painters from the period are Købke and Eckersberg who are connected to Charlottenborg, where the art academy used to be. 

The tour includes a 1 hour guided visit to either the Museum of Thorvaldsen or to the Glyptotek, with an introduction to their collection of paintings from this period.


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