Vikings, Denmark's History and the Beautiful Nature around Vejle

Runestone for king Gorm the Old

A guided coach tour through Grejsdal river valley and Vejle river valley which are some of Denmark's most beautiful valleys. Complementing the beautiful nature around Vejle, we'll also explore a significant impact of the history of Denmark, Viking history.

Grejsdal, Grejs valley is Denmark's deepest cliff formed by the ice age. Here you have the Grejs stream running, which for many years has delivered water to various businesses such as water mills and cotton mills. One of these businesses is Lerbaek Mill, which was developed in the 1600s. The Grejs stream was restricted west of the building to 5 acres of land, a big mill pond, which today is drained.

In Jelling you will find the Experience Centre Royal Jelling, Kongernes Jelling, home of the Viking Kings. Kongernes Jelling is all about the Danish Vikings and about the rune stones and the mounds erected by Harald Bluetooth when he became king after his father Gorm the Old.

Nørup Church, Engelsholm Manor, Vingsted, Bindeballe Købmandsgård which is an old merchant shop and Tørskind Grusgrav with Robert Jacobsen's sculpture park, are places we'll also visit on the way. Furhtermor we'll visit the Ravninge Bridge and possibly the Egtved Girl's grave, before the coach drives us back through Vejle river valley, which is the longest and most significant tunnel valley in east Jutland.


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City walk
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west of Vejle
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