Visit Three Interesting Churches on West Funen

Gelsted church. Photo: Mathias

Have you ever visited a Danish church and thought "where do those murals come from, and why did they make them in the first place?". Or perhaps you've wondered about why the church is furnished the way it is?

All that and a lot more is what I will show you during this guided tour around churches in Western Funen.

During the tour, you will learn about the similarities and differences between Danish churches. The guided tour will take you through the stories of three pulpits around Middelfart parish that all came from the same pulpit in Odense. You will also learn about mural paintings, just like you will learn about the two noble's coffins in Vejlby church, and who excactly they belong to.

The tour includes a visit to three churches in Western Funen; the churches of Gelsted, Rørup and Vejlby which will be the final stop.

But there is also plenty of room for alterations. So if there is something specific you would like to visit or learn about, feel free to let me know!

We need at coach for this tour so I can guide between the visits to the churches.


4 hours
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Coach tour with short stops
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Western Funen
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