Experience Munkebjerg Forest on a Guided Hike

View from Munkebjerg by Vejle

Munkebjergskoven is a forest famous for its wild nature and magnificent views. The forest is moreover famous for its beech trees, which are said to be the first ones to blossom when spring arrives in Denmark. 

Starting at Munkebjerg Hotel, we hike on a round trip in the very hilly terrain. We hike on the edge of a a huge glacier with many deep and narrow meltwater gorges created shortly after the last ice age 14,000 years ago. 

The hike will pass an old yew trees, which today is protected, likewise there are several orchid species, that grows wildly in the forest. 

Also the wildlife in Munkebjerg Forest is something very special. The rare and endangered hazel dormouse builds its nest in the forest. You can also meet the stock dove and the black woodpecker at Munkebjerg. 

We will also see the Troll Stone with a big hand print. The tour ends by a walk up the steep Munkebjerg stairs and its 218 steps back to the hotel. And of course, you will get stories about the hotel with the piccolo and the donkey Moses, which used to bring the guests' luggage to the hotel, as well as the artists who were called the Munkebjerg painters.


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