Walk the West Rampart around Greater Copenhagen

Gunpowder magazine on Vestvolden

A walk from Roskildevej in Rødovre to Utterslev Mose in Brønshøj, which is approximately half of the total rampart.

As a green belt with hundreds of picnic areas and "secret" resting or play areas, Vestvolden - the western rampart stretches 15 km around the western suburbs of Copenhagen.

The rampart is part of the fortification that was constructed around 1900 as a response to the British attack on Copenhagen in 1806. Vestvolden consists of green lanes, avenues and plains in various levels. As a natural part of the fortification there is also a moat as well as "shooting kaponieres" built in concrete.

It has in recent years been restored and re-emerged from decades of vegetation. Today it is a place for many types of physical challenges and recreational activities from walking, running, biking, picnics, role plays. Only for non-motorised traffic.

Refreshments or picnic must be supplied as there are no natural places on the route - a visit to the exhibition and information center may be possible if planned.


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City walk
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