Dybbøl And the War in 1864

The Dybbøl Wind Mill in South Jutland

The War of 1864 (The second Schleswian war) is a decisive event in the Danish history. The Battle of Dybbøl was the bloody and for Denmark traumatic end of the war.

At the very battlefield, which by the way is situated in one of Denmark's most beautiful and scenic areas, I will tell you about both the political and strategic reasons for the war. I will tell about the cause of the war, terminating in the battle of Dybbøl, and about the consequences both to Denmark and to Germany.

I have a military background and will tell you vivedly about both the big picture of the war and the battle, combined with interesting details concerning the equipment, training and living conditions of the Danish and German soldiers.

During the storytelling I will walk you through the battlefield. You will visit the remains of the entrenchments, then have a look at the canons placed at Dybbøl Wind Mill (which is a national symbol of Denmark) followed by a visit to soldiers' graves. In addition there is the possibility of visiting Dybbøl Museum. 


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