The Fredensborg Palace and Gardens

The Fredensborg Palace Gardens. Photo: Svend Erik

Experience Fredensborg Palace grounds through centuries with stories about the palace which is the royal family's recidens.

Join me for a walk around this residence of the royal family, which is mostly used during spring and in the autumn. Learn about the history of the palace and its architecture, the family links connecting the royal families of Europe and visit the magnificent park, which has recently been renovated and returned to its old baroque splendor.

The tour takes 2 hours and I'll walk with you through the park, where we are able to see the palace from all sides, the royal garden, the garden of the Norvegians, the woods and the grand axis alleys with their spectacular sculptures by Wiedewelt leading to Esrum lake.


2 hours
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museum or attraction, guided tour
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The park by Fredensborg Palace
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