Hasle Klinker - Clay Industry through 150 years

An old hoist. Photo: Torsten

A tour concentrated around Klinkerskoven and the old industrial area close to Sorthat/Muleby south of Hasle on Western Bornholm, bearing many traces of the raw material industries of the area.

We'll visit Hasle Klint to see the signs and traces in the landscape marked by this industry, which was ended in 1996. Even so most Danes know Hasle Tiles even today. Walking the streets of Denmark's provincial cities you can often see all sorts of items that originate from the factories of this area on Bornholm. Anything from feeding troughs to the fire-resistant stones used in tile ovens come from here.

We'll take a walk in this exciting area, full of sights such as old battlements, excavations and lakes, all telling their very own story.

The area offers a lot of interesting geological features, an industrial history, clay, gravel, coal and a military history with fortifications and cannons right in the middle of an amazing nature that is characteristic of the area today.

We'll find the sights and explore the area together!


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