Egeskov Castle, Museums and Park - 3 Hours with Guide

Egeskov Castle

A fabulous Renaissance castle situated in a well-tended beautiful park.

Egeskov Castle was built in the middle of the 16th century. The castle that now looks so peaceful and idyllic was built for defence purposes. Egeskov Castle is built on oak piles driven into the bed of the lake. It is said that a whole forest was felled to provide timber for the foundations. Moreover the only access to the castle was across the drawbridge.

Join me for a tour of the castle and listen to a lot of stories and legends that have been connected to it during more than 450 years of its history. for example the story about the daughter Rigborg, who had an unfortunate affair and therefore was walled up in the Rigborg Room in 1599.

We're going to visit various museums belonging to the castle: the Veteran Car Museum, opened in 1967, that houses an outstanding collection of old cars and aircraft, the Motorcycle Museum, Falck Museum that contains fire engines, ambulances and rescue vehicles spanning more than 100 years of Falck's operations.

If we're lucky with weather we can take a walk in the beautiful park that lies around the castle. If you don't loose yourself in the big maze!


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