A Tour of the Maritime Svendborg

Svendborg harbour. Photo: Christoph Grimlowski

Guided tour of Svendborg, where you will meet Svendborg face on, both historical and modern, see the sights, take in the lovely atmosphere and hear about it's proudest sons, Kaj Nielsen, Johannes Jørgensen og Mærsk.

We will see "Mudderhullet" (the muddy hole) which is the last remaining part of the medieval port and walk onto "Træskibsbroen" (the wooden pier) which is also the port of call for the beautiful wooden ships during the annual regatta for valuable historical sailing ships, "Fyn Rundt for Bevaringsværdige Træskibe"

Just around the corner we will pass the old storehouses along Svendborg's  famous harbour promenade, where the ferries still go back and forth between the many small islands of the area, Drejø, Bjørnø, Skarø, Ærø and more. 

The worlds biggest shipping company MAERSK originated in Svendborg. You will learn about the importance of sailing and of the merchant navy for Svendborg, about the shipyards and go to Frederiksøen, where one of the globally leading specialized shipyards for the repair of historical, wooden sailingships is in operation.

Naturally, we wil visit the market square and see the oldest remaining latticework building, Ane Hvides Gård, visit the small and impressive Nikolaikirke and walk through some of the idyllic lanes connecting the port and the town.

You will not regret this - and if you are a salty dog, have an extra day and if the weather is pleasant, you might enjoy taking the small ferry from Svendborg to Skarø or Drejø and back. The trip is spectacular.


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