Tour of Troense on the Island of Tåsinge

Troense Marina. Photo: Andree Stephan

See the picturesque sailors houses overlooking the entry of Svendborgsund on a guided tour of Troense. Learn about the heyday of Troense and it's 8 shipyards and see how it turned out today.

We will walk along Strandvejen and watch the local gardening style and "strandhaver" - beach-gardens. Troense has one of the finest village steets in Denmark, Grønnegade with its lush orchards and pretty front gardens and learn how the admiral Niels Juel (1629-1697) cajoled the local skippers into growing fruit.

We continue along Præstealléen and I explain why the people of Thurø had to go to church far away in Bregninge and we pass the palace named Valdemars Slot. I reveal the history of the palace up to the present day, the different barons residing there and their importance for Troense.

From Valdemars Slot we walk back along Lodsvej (lods=pilot, so Pilot Street) and I talk about some of the houses such as the Pilots Inn and the labourer's lodgings on our way back to Troense Strandvej.

A tour of Troense is always a popular activity for groups and societies on tour and I look forward to telling you some of my stories about it.


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