A Day Out in the Land of the Vikings - a Coach Tour

Borremose fortress

Explore the land of the Vikings on a guided coach tour in the Northwestern part of Jutland.

Take a historic and panoramic coach tour across the land of the Vikings, through the west of Himmerland and crossing the Limfjord. Your will discover many places dating back to the Vikings.

After meeting up, we start with a guided tour of the Borremose Fortress, dating back to the bronze age, approximately 500 B.C. Duration: about 1 hour.

Driving through the moorlands towards Aggersborg, we pass the area where the oldest signs of agriculture in Denmark are found, and where the famous Gundestrup Kettle was discoveres in 1891.

The next stop will be at Aggersborg which is the biggest of a number of the circular Viking fortresses in Denmark. This one was built by one of the last Danish Viking kings Harald Blåtand, Harold Bluetooth, about the year 980 - the very same king who boasted on the Jelling stone about christening the Danes. When at Aggersborg, we will also visit the Aggersborg Church, despite the church being much newer than the fortress.

Next stop is approximately 5 km away in Løgstør. Here we will take lunch - you can bring a packed lunch, or we can order lunch in one of the local restaurants beforehand.

After lunch I do a guided walk in Løgstør, 2-3 kilometres in largely flat terrain. I will tell you about the importance of Løgstør by the Limfjord, and we will take a look at the Frederik the VII Canal. Nearby is a vey interesting museum, the Limfjodsmuseum, dedicated to showing how the Limfjord changed from a slightly brackish sweetwater lake to a saltwater fiord. This happened after a storm when the Noth Sea broke through the isthmus af Thyborøn in 1862 - no more pike or perch, hello to cod and plaice.

The tour continues south by coach and we pass the old Vittskøl monastary on our way back to Års. In Års you can see a lot of works by a contemoprary Danish artist, Per Kirkeby.

If you wish, a visit to the Vesthimmerland Museum can be arranged to end or start the tour.

You can choose to make arrangements for your own coach, or we can book one for you and the tour can start at your hotel instead of Års.


4 hours
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Coach tour with short stops
Takes place in this country
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Western Himmerland with Års and Løgstør
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If you want to use the ferry, museums
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