Runestones and Ravning Bridge - Viking History

Ravning Bridge

This tour follows the footsteps of Harald Bluetooth and Gorm the Old; the first Danish kings.

The runic stones in Jelling, a UNESCO Heritage Site, is the natural starting point for this tour. From there we drive to the river valley of Vejle River. Here we see the remains of the Ravning bridge; for centuries a mystery for many historians. For what purpose was this unique wooden bridge built?  

After visiting the remarkable Viking historical site we visit another runic stone telling about Queen Thyra, the wife of Gorm the Old and we end our tour at the Klebæk Mounds, where a 45 meter long shipsetting from the Viking period surrounds 2 bronze mounds.

The tour requires that the group has a car or bus available. This is for the group to arrange or can be booked by Guide Service Denmark.


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