Wars and Borders with Germany


The region of Southern Jutland has, through the history, been a place of conflicts. From the medieval times the Danish king was the duke of the duchy of Slesvig.

So we are in border-areas where wars have been fought and borders have been moved. And also an area where beautiful buildings and marvelous constructions witness the recognition of the importance of being able to survey and defend the area, if necessary.

The town of Fredericia was built as a fortress back in 1650, and the town also played an important role in the first war between Denmark and Germany in the late 1840s. This was when revolutions spread in Europe and a rebellion broke out in the duchies of Slesvig and Holsten, which culminated in Fredericia. We take a brief look at the ramparts and the national monument of the Soldier defending Denmark.

In Kolding; 20 miles away, we have the fantastic castle of Koldinghus, built as a castle on the southern border of Denmark. The border followed the river through Kolding up to 1848. The castle now stands as a renovated ruin, where the walls tell the history of the building and the architects Johannes and Inger Exner have managed with the help of fantastic architecture to preserve the ruin within the castle.

On a coach tour through the beautiful landscape we reach the highest point of the area, Skamlingsbanken. At the altitude of 113 meter there is a beautiful view over the belt between Jutland and Funen. The place has played an important role as a meeting place focusing on Danish national identity.

OPTIONAL: The tour can be extended with ½ hour which will give the opportunity to have a coffee and Danish pastry at the beautifully situated restaurant by Skamlingsbanken.

Another option for extending the tour will demand app. 1½ hours. This will bring us to the beautiful Moravian town of Christiansfeld, where the ceasefire agreement was signed after the war in 1864, and could include a coffee stop to have a coffee and a honey cake. A short walk in this very special, planned town from the late 1700s willl also be included.


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