The "Tordenkalven" and the Herring Town Nibe

The old policestation in Nibe. Photo: Ib

We start a little outside Nibe at Agricultura school and Manor Lundbæk. At Lundbæk, we will take our starting point in the story of a Vagabond and cripple the "Tordenkalven". About how life unfolded in this area. It is an exciting story that involves both a person, a writer and a sculpture.

We will guide you on a walk in the town of Nibe that holds stories of the harbour and the fiord. From the harbour we will slowly make our way through the town's narrow streets to get an idea of how the town has developed into what it is now. The church in Nibe has a completely different nave than most other churches. A visit to the police station would be an appropriate place to end in the tour. Here we can also experience how dramatic life in Nibe has been at times.


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