Medieval Monasteries of Odense

Greyfriars Monastary Odense

The monasteries played a major role in the Middle Ages - both in the life of the church and in people's daily life. The monasteries were religious, cultural and financial centres: here medical and agricultural "research" was carried out. The monasteries were the hospitals of that time.

In modern literature, writers like Umberto Eco, "The Name of the Rose", filmed with Sean Connery in the leading part and Jan Guillou's the Arn trilogy have described life in the monasteries.

In the Middle Ages Odense was home to four monasteries and two convents. Most of the buildings do not exist any longer, but three of the monasteries exist as much renovated buildings with other functions for example the monastery of the Order of the Knights of St. John, later the royal castle in Odense and today the host of parts of the local municipal administration. These buildings will form the starting point of my story about the significance of the monasteries and convents in medieval Odense.


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