The Danish Freedom Council

The Danish Freedom Council consisted of members from some of the most important and illegal organizations during the German occupation of Denmark. The Council were to coordinate and organize the Danish resistance.

The Freedom Council was founded in 1943. Its members came from the Danish communist Party (DCP), the resistance group called The Circle, the organization called A Free Denmark and the Danish nationalistic party Danish Unity.

In the beginning, The Freedom Council had a poor impact. However, after a while, as the fight for freedom evolved during 1944, the council stood stronger in front of the Danish people.

The Freedom Council was organized into assortments, which occupied each their own resistance work. The commando-assortment, also known as the K-assortment, worked on the weaponized part of the resistance fight. The sabotage assortments had one goal: coordinated sabotage activities. The magazine group coordinated the illegal press.

In addition, the Freedom Council reached out to Danish politicians and assisted in creating different draft material for the possible judical purge. 

After the war, some of the Freedom Council's high-ranking members became a part of the new Liberation Cabinet.

After the liberation, The Freedom Council was replaced by the Freedom Movements Consultation.

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