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The Hvidsten Group


The Hvidsten group was a Danish resistance group during the German occupation. It was active in the period of 1943-1944

Hvidsten group, resistance, Germany, Randers, Ryvangen, , , ,
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Damme Stone


Damestenen (the Dame Stone) also called Dammestenen (the Damme Stone) is the largest boulder in Denmark

Hesselager, Funen, boulder, Dammestenen, Damestenen, , , ,
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Poulsen, Valdemar


Modern day cassettes, floppy disks, hard disks and credit cards would not have been possible without Valdemar Poulsen's discoveries

Valdemar Poulsen, Poulsen Arc transmitter, Order of the Dannebrog, Electromagnetism, oldest surviving recording, Poulsen, , ,
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Moats are found surrounding fortresses, buildings and cities. Historically, a moat was used for defense.

Moat, Egeskov Castle, Vordingborg, Defense, , , , ,
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xSpiked mace

, , , , , , , ,
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The word "bastion" refers the angular protruding parts of a fortress

fortress, defence, ring wall, archers, , , , ,
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The Battle of Copenhagen


The British Navy invaded Zealand and bombed Copenhagen in 1807 for three days. The city of Copenhagen went up in flames

Copenhagen, Battle, Napoleon, , , , , ,
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Eider Policy


The main purpose of The Eider Policy was to define the Danish state and its borders

Eider Policy, Ejderpolitik, Lehmann, Jutland peninsula, , , , ,
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Black Death, the


The term 'the Black Death' probably stems from a misinterpretation of the latin term for the bubonic plague

Bubonic, pestilence, Mortality, plague, Black Death, , , ,
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