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Svend Poulsen, Gønge


Svend Poulsen, or "Gønge", was the leader of the Danish resistance "Snaphanerne", who fought during the Dano-Swedish Wars

Dano-Swedish Wars, Gønge, Svend Poulsen, Sweden, , , , ,
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The word "Bindstouw" refers to a knitting room. It was very common to share stories while knitting during winter time in Denmark

Bindstouw, Blicher, Knitting, , , , , ,
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Danebod, Thyra


Thyra Danebod was the Queen of Gorm the Old and is featured on the rune stones in Jelling

Thyra Danebod, Thyra, Gorm the Old, Jelling Stone, , , , ,
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Christmas in the Danish media


The Danish media has a long history of celebrating Christmas - starting in 1927

Christmas, calenders, tradition, broadcast, radio tv, , , ,
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Baroque was a 17th century style in painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature and music. It was grandiose and dramatic

Nysø Manor, Absolute monarchy, artistic style, Baroque, architecture, , , ,
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The Dano-Swedish Wars


The Dano-Swedish Wars refer to the many wars between Denmark and Sweden in the period of 1563-1720

Dano-Swedish War, Denmark, Sweden, Baltic Sea, dispute, , , ,
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The United Monarchy


The United Monarchy was a union between the Kingdom of Denmark and the duchy of Schleswig-Holstein and Lauenburg from 1850-1864

The United Monarchy, monarchy, King, Schleswig-Holstein , Danish history, , , ,
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Ertebølle Culture


The Ertebølle Culture was a Mesolithic Culture living in Southern Scandinavia

Mesolithic, Ertebølle, Ertebølle culture, Excavation, , , , ,
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Brahe, Karen


Karen Brahe (1657-1736) was a Funen noblewoman and a great collector of books

Nobility, Book, Gøye, Brahe, Karen Brahe, , , ,
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