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The Silver Cups From Hoby


The silver cups from Hoby weighs approx. 1 kg. Images from the Iliad is depicted on both cups

The Silver Cups from Hoby, Iliad, Greek Roman, National Museum, Lolland, , , ,
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Benedictine monks


The Benedictine monk Ansgar introduced Christianity to Denmark. Learn about Danish Benedictine monks and the monastery in Voer or Sorø

monk, Ansgar, monasteries, Benedictine, , , , ,
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Blågårds Plads


Blågårds Plads is an area in Copenhagen and was built in order to give the people of Copenhagen a green sanctuary.

Blågårds Plads, Blågård, Copenhagen, Nørrebro, Prince Carl, , , ,
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Emancipation of the peasantry (bondefrihed)


The emancipation of the peasantry allowed the peasants to decide where they wanted to live and work.

Emancipation of the peasantry, adscription, peasant, 1788, Emancipation, , , ,
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Bengerd, Queen


Queen Bengerd was born in Portugal, daughter of the Portugese King Sancho I. She was married to King Valdemar Sejr.

Queen Dagmar, Portugese princess, bitter plum, Bengerd, queen, Berengaria, , ,
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Caroline Mathilde, Queen


Caroline Mathilde was married to King Christian VII and was Queen of Denmark from 1766 to 1772

Caroline Mathilde, Struensee, Christian VII, , , , , ,
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Piggy Bank, the


Teaching children the value of money and thrift by giving them a money box can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans

Andersen, Money, Savings, , , , , ,
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Hedeby was, due to its central position, an important trade town in Scandinavia during the Viking Age

Hedeby, Viking Age, Dannevirke, Trade, , , , ,
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The word "bankruptcy" refers to an economic collapse.

The Middle Ages, Bankrupt, Economic collapse of a state, Banca Rotta, , , , ,
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