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Trelleborg was excavated near Slagelse and dates back to ca. 980. It is the first viking fortress found in Denmark

ring fortress, trelleborg, viking, Harald Bluetooth, , , , ,
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Lemon, the


The Lemon was a Danish resistance fighter during the German occupation of Denmark. He took part in several assassinations.

The lemon, resistance, German occupation, Holger Danske, Mindelunden, , , ,
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Piggy Bank, the


Teaching children the value of money and thrift by giving them a money box can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans

Andersen, Money, Savings, , , , , ,
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Free Man


The term originated in the Viking Age and is used to describe all men, who have the right to be heard at Tingstedet

Viking Age, Tinge, Free man, The Danish Parliament, rights to vote, , , ,
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Great War, the


The term First World War did not come into usage until the start of the Second World War. Read about the war here

, , , , , , , ,
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Oldenburg Dynasty, the


From 1448 to 1863, all of the Danish kings were descendants from the House of Oldenburg

Oldenburg, Dynasty, Glücksburg, king, , , , ,
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Gyldenkrone, Christian Frederik


Christian Frederik Gyldenkrone relocated the manor house at Moesgaar. Today, Moesgaard can be visited along with our guides

Moesgård, Gyldenkrone, Christian Frederik Gyldenkrone, Moesgaard, , , , ,
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BOPA was a Danish resistance group in Copenhagen during WW II. The group performed liquidations and sabotage

sabotage, liquidations, resistance group, world war II, civil partisans, , , ,
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Frandsen, Torben Vestergaard


Torben Vestergaard Frandsen invented the Lifestraw, a filter that cleans polluted drinking water

polluted drinking water, Vestergaard, Guinea, Lifestraw, , , , ,
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