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Christian II


Christian II (1481-1559) was one of the most unpopular Danish kings and was eventually overthrown and imprisoned for life

Christian 2., Stockholm Bloodbath, Sten Sture, King of Denmark, , , , ,
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Tin Soldier


Tin soldiers were toys from the 19th century. They were bought as finished toys or as make-it-yourself-kits with tin and molds

tinsoldier, tin, toy, H.C. Andersen, , , , ,
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Baroque was a 17th century style in painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature and music. It was grandiose and dramatic

Nysø Manor, Absolute monarchy, artistic style, Baroque, architecture, , , ,
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Beldenak, Jens Andersen


Jens Andersen Beldenak was the last bishop of Funen before the Reformation won inpass in Denmark.

Funen, Stockholm Bloodbath, Bishop, King Christian, Beldenak, Jens Andersen Beldenak, , ,
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Danish Resistance Movement, The


The Danish Resistance Movement operated with e.g. sabotage operations and executions of informants

resistance, occupation of Denmark, resistance fighters, sabotage, The Danish Resistance Movement, , , , , , , , ,
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Liberty Memorial


The Statue of Liberty is a monument that commemorates the abolition of the Emancipation of the peasantry

Liberty Memorial, The French Revolution, Emancipation, Danish monarchy, , , , ,
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Illerup Ådal (Illerup River-valley)


Illerup Ådal, or Illerup River-valley, is known for the many findings from the Iron Age

Illerup River-valley, Iron Age, Excavate, Ådal, , , , ,
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The Church of Denmark


The Church of Denmark, the Danish states church, was formed after the Reformation in 1536

Folkekirken, Church of Denmark, Constitution, Protestantism, Christian III, , , ,
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, , , , , , , ,
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