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Danish Westindies, the


The Danish West Indies - three small islands in the Caribbean Sea - was a Danish colony from 1672 to 1917

Danish Westindies, Colony, St Croix, St Thomas, St Jan, , , ,
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Dagmar, Queen


Dagmar of Bohemia was one of the most popular of all Denmark's queens. She was known for her beauty and kindness

Queen Dagmar, Berengaria, Valdemar, Valdemar Sejr, King , , , ,
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Tollund Man, the


The Tollund Man is on display at the Silkeborg Museum. He is a bog sacrifice from the earliest part of the Iron Age

bog body, Tollund, Silkeborg, Bronze Age, Iron Age, , , ,
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Constitution, the Danish


The Danish Constitution was introduced June 5th 1849 and so, absolute monarchy ended in Denmark

Danish Constitution, Grundloven, Constitution, monarchy, , , , ,
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To Be Put on a Breaking Wheel


To be put on a breaking wheel is a term for a medieval method of execution

Breaking Wheel, medieval age, punishment, execution, , , , ,
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Fyrkat is a ring castle from the Viking Age. The castle was built in the reign period of Harald Bluetooth

fortification, Harald Bluetooth, ring castle, Trelleborg, , , , ,
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Dagmar Cross, The


The Dagmar Cross, a very valuable Byzantine cross, tied to Queen Dagmar who is burried in Siant Bendts church in Ringsted.

Dagmar Cross, Dagmar, , , , , , ,
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The Corded Ware People


The Corded Ware people buried their dead in small individual grave mounds. Big ceremonial status axes were found in the graves

Enkeltgravsfolket, The Corded Ware People, culture epoch, Neolithic period, Bronze Age, , , ,
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Danner, Countess


Louise Rasmussen was the illegitimate child of an unmarried maid. She was later appointed Countess of Danner by king Frederik VII

Louise Rasmussen, Danner, Frederik 7., Frederik VII, Countess Danner, , , ,
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