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Churchill Group, the


The Churchill Group was a Danish resistance group in Aalborg. It was active during the years 1941-42.

Churchill Group, Sabotage, resistance, German Wehrmacht, , , , ,
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Concealment of birth and infanticide


A woman who gave birth in secret could be sentenced to hard labor for life until 1930

childbirth, infanticide, child out of wedlock, concealment of birth, , , , ,
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Dybbøl is a small coastal town in Southern Jutland that was the scene of one of the most important battles in Denmark's history

Dybbøl, 1864, Battle of Dybbøl, Schleswig Holstein, battlefield, , , ,
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Denmark to the Eider!


"Denmark to the Eider" was the rallying cry of nationalists, who wanted to absorb the Duchy of Schleswig into Denmark

Eider, Schleswig, Holstein, Kongeå, Schleswig War, , , ,
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Ertebølle Culture


The Ertebølle Culture was a Mesolithic Culture living in Southern Scandinavia

Mesolithic, Ertebølle, Ertebølle culture, Excavation, , , , ,
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Valdemar Era, the


The Age of the Valdemars (1157-1241) is considered a golden age in Denmark's history

Valdemar, Era, king, , , , , ,
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The word "bastion" refers the angular protruding parts of a fortress

fortress, defence, ring wall, archers, , , , ,
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Go to the thingstead


"To go to the thingstead" was an expression used to describe the place where the executive, judicial and legislative branches met.

thingstead, judicial executive legislative, opinion, tinge, , , , ,
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The advanced dike


The Advanced dike was build to prevent flooding in the Tønder marshland in 1979-1981

flooding, Tønder, Tonder, marsh, , , , ,
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