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The Danish Freedom Council


The Freedom Council was founded by representatives from the central resistance movements in Denmark during the occupation

Freedom council, resistance, judical purge, liberation cabinet, , , , ,
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Eric of Pomerania


Eric of Pomerania was the foster son of Margrethe 1. and was the first king of the Kalmar Union

King, Margrethe 1, Erik af Pommern, Philippa, , , , ,
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The Hanseatic League


The Hanseatic League was a union of North European merchant towns, mainly German, from approx. 1200 to 1500

The Hanseatic League, Merchants, Union, North European, , , , ,
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Grauballe man, the


The Grauballe man is a bog body from the Iron Age found in Grauballe near Silkeborg in 1952

Grauballe, moesgaard, bog body, peat bog, , , , ,
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Vegetable caviar, an invention which is rooted in an unsuccessful biology experiment. A Danish patent product, which is sold widely.

Jens Møller, Caviar, Cavi-art, vegetable caviar, , , , ,
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Fleet Oak


In the 1500's there was a fear of shortage in oak for ship timber. Oak forests were protected from private tree cutters and export

navy, ships, oak fleet, fleet, timber, , , ,
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The word "gothic" refers to many different things: it is both a style, language, font and literature-genre

gothic, literature, gothic language, , , , , ,
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The Hjortspring Boat


The Hjortspring Boat is a large wooden boat from the pre-Roman Iron Age c. 350 BCE. The boat was found in a bog in 1921

The Hjortspring Boat, Largest Wooden boat, war ship, pre-Roman Iron Age, , , , ,
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Eagle Blanket, the


The Eagle Blanket, found in the coffin of Canute the Holy in Odense.

Eagle blanket, Canute, Canute the Holy, Odense Cathedral, Cathedral, , , ,
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