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Egtved Girl


The Egtved Girl is one of the best preserved people from the Nordic Bronze Age

Lejre, Bronze Age, Egtved, Egtved girl, National museum, , , ,
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xSpiked mace

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The Battle of Copenhagen


The British Navy invaded Zealand and bombed Copenhagen in 1807 for three days. The city of Copenhagen went up in flames

Copenhagen, Battle, Napoleon, , , , , ,
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Andersen, Hans Christian


Hans Christian Andersen is known worldwide for his fairytales. He was born in Odense and later moved to Copenhagen to be a writer.

Odense, fairytales, Jonas Collin, Hans Christian, Hans Christian Andersen, Andersen, , ,
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Haandfæstning (a coronation charter)


A Håndfæstning was a written oath between the Danish court and the chosen King regarding guidelines between the parties.

Frederik III, monarchy, Håndfæstning, Haandfæsning, Magna Charta, , , ,
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Tin Soldier


Tin soldiers were toys from the 19th century. They were bought as finished toys or as make-it-yourself-kits with tin and molds

tinsoldier, tin, toy, H.C. Andersen, , , , ,
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The Wool Salesman


A hosekræmmer (wool salesman) refers to someone who travels the country to sell wool products

The Wool Salesman, Hosekraemmer, wool, socks shawls scarves, , , , ,
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Jensen, Peter L.


Peter L. Jensen invented the loudspeaker and was a hi-fi pioneer. Jensen’s speakers were e.g. used by Fender in their amplifiers

speaker, inventor, sound, Jensen, Peter Jensen, , , ,
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Carmelite Monks


The order was created and given their rules by the Patriach of Jerusalem, St Albert Avigadro

, , , , , , , ,
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