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Illerup Ådal (Illerup River-valley)


Illerup Ådal, or Illerup River-valley, is known for the many findings from the Iron Age

Illerup River-valley, Iron Age, Excavate, Ådal, , , , ,
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Flame, the


The Flame was a Danish resistance fighter responsible for multiple assassinations of informers during the German Occupation

The flame, The lemon, assasination, Ryparken, Danish resistance, , , ,
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Denmark to the Eider!


"Denmark to the Eider" was the rallying cry of nationalists, who wanted to absorb the Duchy of Schleswig into Denmark

Eider, Schleswig, Holstein, Kongeå, Schleswig War, , , ,
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Dominican Monks


The Dominicans are a mendicant order of monks. The order was created in 1216 by the Spanish saint Dominic de Guzman

monk, order, Blackfriars, The Dominicans, , , , ,
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Bronze Age


The Bronze Age is mainly known for the bronze objects, burial mounds, petroglyphs and longhouses

Egtved girl, Bronze Age, The Sun Chariot, bronze, , , , ,
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Hansen, Holger Møller


Holger Møller Hansen (1915-2000) was a professional inventor, who invented the endoscope and bubble wrap

Hansen, Holger Møller Hansen, patent, inventor, invention, , , ,
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Aggersborg Viking fortification


Aggersborg is the largest Viking fortification found in Denmark

Vikings, fortress, Harald Bluetooth, Trelleborg, Aggersborg, , , ,
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Trankebar was a Danish colony and trading post in the Westindies from 1620 to 1845

Trankebar, colony, Westindies, , , , , ,
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Half-timbered houses have walls constructed of timber with the spaces filled with brick, granite boulders, plaster or wattle-and-daub

timber frames, Funen, Half-timber, houses, , , , ,
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