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The Dannevirke fortifications is the largest earthwork in Europe. Over 1500 years old, it acted as Denmark's defensive boundary

Dannevirke, Thyra Dannebod, Schleswig War, 1864, Jutland, , , ,
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The Corded Ware People


The Corded Ware people buried their dead in small individual grave mounds. Big ceremonial status axes were found in the graves

Enkeltgravsfolket, The Corded Ware People, culture epoch, Neolithic period, Bronze Age, , , ,
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Trankebar was a Danish colony and trading post in the Westindies from 1620 to 1845

Trankebar, colony, Westindies, , , , , ,
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A Foot


A foot was a unit of length. Read about Christian V's decree of measurment and weight.

, , , , ,
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Grauballe man, the


The Grauballe man is a bog body from the Iron Age found in Grauballe near Silkeborg in 1952

Grauballe, moesgaard, bog body, peat bog, , , , ,
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Andelsbevægelsen, a Danish cooperative movement


Andelsbevægelsen is the name of the association of cooperatives which arose in the latter part of the 19th century

cooperatives, Grundtvig, worker's association, democratic, Andelsbevægelsen, , , ,
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Dannemand, Frederikke


Frederikke Dannemand was the daughter of a shipbuilder. She was introduced to Frederik 6, with whom she began a lifelong relationship

Dannemand, Frederikke, Frederikke Dannemand, Frederik 6., , , , ,
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Andersen, Hans Christian


Hans Christian Andersen is known worldwide for his fairytales. He was born in Odense and later moved to Copenhagen to be a writer.

Odense, fairytales, Jonas Collin, Hans Christian, Hans Christian Andersen, Andersen, , ,
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Tustrup Graveyard, the


The Tustrup graveyard houses several graves from the Neolithic period as well as a kulthus.

, , , , , , , ,
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