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Dagmar, Queen


Dagmar of Bohemia was one of the most popular of all Denmark's queens. She was known for her beauty and kindness

Queen Dagmar, Berengaria, Valdemar, Valdemar Sejr, King , , , ,
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Christian II


Christian II (1481-1559) was one of the most unpopular Danish kings and was eventually overthrown and imprisoned for life

Christian 2., Stockholm Bloodbath, Sten Sture, King of Denmark, , , , ,
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Canute IV the Holy


King Canute IV, also know as Canute the Holy, is the patron saint of Denmark and the first Dane to be canonized

King, Canute, Knud, Sankt Knud's Cathedral, , , , ,
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A gig is a two-wheeled horse carriage

horse, carriage, gig, wagon, , , , ,
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Bengerd, Queen


Queen Bengerd was born in Portugal, daughter of the Portugese King Sancho I. She was married to King Valdemar Sejr.

Queen Dagmar, Portugese princess, bitter plum, Bengerd, queen, Berengaria, , ,
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Liberty Memorial


The Statue of Liberty is a monument that commemorates the abolition of the Emancipation of the peasantry

Liberty Memorial, The French Revolution, Emancipation, Danish monarchy, , , , ,
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Ellehammer, Jacob


Ellehammer was known for his different inventions and was the first aircraft pioneer in Denmark

Ellehammer, aircrafts, Jacob Ellehammer, inventions, , , , ,
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Valdemar the Victorious


Valdemar "the victorious" is known for conquering many territories and for providing the Danes with their national flag: Dannebrog

Valdemar, victorious, Denmark, Estland 1219, Dannebrog, , , ,
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Constitution, the Danish


The Danish Constitution was introduced June 5th 1849 and so, absolute monarchy ended in Denmark

Danish Constitution, Grundloven, Constitution, monarchy, , , , ,
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