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Trelleborg near Skåne


Trelleborg in Skåne is one of Harald Bluetooth's five ring fortresses, which were built as a defensegrid for the Danish realm

Trelleborg, fortress, ring castle, Harald Bluetooth, , , , ,
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City gate


City gates are mainly known from the Middle age, when larger cities were surrounded by city walls with several city gates

City gates, middleage, defence, , ,
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Christopher, Count of Oldenburg


Count Christopher's involvement in the civil war was immortalized and remembered as the Count's Feud

Christopher, Count Christopher, counts feud, civil war, Christian, , , ,
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The Gundestrup Kettle


The Gundstrup Kettle is a silver kettle with mythical figures and was found in a peat moss. It weighs approx. 9 kg 

The Gundestrup Kettle, The Gundestrup Vessel, Roman Emperor, National Museum, , , , ,
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Coat of mail


The coat of mail - also knows as the ring mail - was made of metalrings creating an armor to resist swords and spears

coat of mail, ironrings, ironcoat, Hjortspring, , , , ,
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The word "bankruptcy" refers to an economic collapse.

The Middle Ages, Bankrupt, Economic collapse of a state, Banca Rotta, , , , ,
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Go to the thingstead


"To go to the thingstead" was an expression used to describe the place where the executive, judicial and legislative branches met.

thingstead, judicial executive legislative, opinion, tinge, , , , ,
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Scholten, Peter von


Peter von Scholten was the General Governor in the Danish Westindies from 1828 to 1848. He abolished slavery on the three islands

Peter von Scholten, General Governor, slavery, emancipation, Danish Westindies, , , ,
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Gyldenkrone, Christian Frederik


Christian Frederik Gyldenkrone relocated the manor house at Moesgaar. Today, Moesgaard can be visited along with our guides

Moesgård, Gyldenkrone, Christian Frederik Gyldenkrone, Moesgaard, , , , ,
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