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Valhal, home of Odin in Asgard. Valhal is also home to the Einherjar, fallen warriors and heroes. Valhal means "home of the fallen"

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Bluetooth, Harald


Harald Bluetooth was the first Christian king of Denmark and a powerful warrior

Gorm the Old, Harald Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Thyra, , , , ,
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xSpiked mace

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Holger Danske (Resistance Group)


Holger Danske was the biggest resistance group in Denmark during the German occupation of Denmark in 1940-45.

Resistance, Holger Danske, Ogier the Dane, World War, , , , , , , , , ,
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Fyrkat is a ring castle from the Viking Age. The castle was built in the reign period of Harald Bluetooth

fortification, Harald Bluetooth, ring castle, Trelleborg, , , , ,
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A thimble is usually used by a seamstress to protect the fingers against pinpricks

pinpricks, seamstress, thimble, pins, , , , ,
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Illerup Ådal (Illerup River-valley)


Illerup Ådal, or Illerup River-valley, is known for the many findings from the Iron Age

Illerup River-valley, Iron Age, Excavate, Ådal, , , , ,
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Stauning, Thorvald


Stauning transformed the Social Democratic Party in Denmark and became its first leader of goverment

Stauning, Thornvald Stauning, Politics, Social Democratic, , , , ,
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Water and Bread


The sentence "Prison on water and bread" was instituted in 1866, and abolished in 1930. The maximum number of such days was 6x5

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