Baroque is a certain style of painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, literature and music. Baroque is a very grandiose style with a penchant for the dramatic.

The Baroque era began in Rome around the 17th century and the style soon spread across Europe. The word Baroque derives from a French and Spanish word that means an 'imperfect pearl', but soon came to be used to describe anything that was elaborate and over the top. The Baroque style was favoured by the Catholic Church as the style often made use of religious themes. The Baroque style of music produced composers such as George Handel and J.S. Bach. Caravaggio and Poussin were famous artists painting in the Baroque style. The Baroque style was superseded by Rococo from the 1720s onwards.

In Denmark Baroque architecture dates back to 1673 with the building of Nysø Manor near Præstø. It became closely identified with the Danish absolute monarchy and great stately buildings such as Charlottenburg Palace, Fredensborg Palace, Vor Frelser Church and Christiansborg Palace, all situated in the Copenhagen area, in addition to Clausholm Palace near Randers.

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