Caroline Mathilde, Queen

Caroline Mathilde (1751-75) was married to king Christian VII and was Queen of Denmark from 1766-1772. She is known for her affaire with the King's physician, Struensee.

Caroline Mathilde was born in England and sister to the English King, George III. When she was 15 years old, she got married to her 17 years old cousin, the Danish King Christian VII.

The Danish King was mentally ill and the young Queen lived a lonely and isolated life at the Royal Danish Court. 

In 1768, Christian VII met the physician Johan Friedrich Stuensee while travelling in Europe. He was appointed Royal Physician and returned to Copenhagen with the King after the journey. Shortly after, Struensee and the young Queen started having an affair.

Caroline Mathilde gave birth to two children - Frederik VI and Louise Augusta. Even today, the discussion about whether or not Struensee is the father of Louise Augusta still continues.

Christian VII's mental illness made it possible for Caroline Mathilde and Struensee to rule Denmark from 1770 to 1772. Struensee implemented a huge reform programme, which created a lot of anger in the King's inner circle.

The night between January 16th and 17th a coup was made and both Struensee and Caroline Mathilde were arrested. Struensee was executed and Caroline Mathilde was sent into exile in Celle in North Germany. She was not allowed to bring her children.

In 1775, Caroline Mathilde died of a fever at the age of 23.

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