Cavi-Art is a vegetable caviar product, produced from seaweed and invented by Jens Møller from Lemvig.

It all started with an unsuccessful biology experiment. The experiment should have shown how lemon juice, citric acid and enzymes in seaweed would react. The experiment did not go as planed and the results were hidden away. However, when Jens Møller, the man behind the experiment, days later caught a fish with roe, it hit him that he recently had seen a similar structure – in the exact biology experiment that was unsuccessful.

Subsequently, he started experimenting with the production of the vegetable caviar from seaweed. Today, vegetable caviar is a Danish patent product and is produced at Jens Møllers company in Lemvig in the Jutlandic west coast. The product is being distributed and sold in most of Europe and the rest of the world. 

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