Christmas in the Danish media

The Danish media has a long history of celebrating Christmas.

In 1927, Danish radio began observing Christmas. In time both Christmas concerts and serialized Christmas stories - Christmas calendars - were broadcasted.

In the early 1930s, the radio initiated a Christmas broadcast which centered on Southern Danes stationed in Greenland. At that time, it took quite a while for letters to reach the remote island, which meant that many Christmas letters and wishes were not received until after the holidays were over. There, the opportunity to "send" your greetings via the radio became rather popular. The messages always came with a musical request. The broadcast became so popular that it was moved to TV. It is considered to be the worlds longest running radio-tv-show.

Greetings also came in from abroad. Sailors, who were far from home, would send Christmas greetings home to the shipping companies and their families, which were featured on the radio a sunday afternoon close to Christmas Eve. This very popular radio programme was taking off the air in 2007.

Another popular broadcast featured funny hosts who along with their guests entertained listeners with seasonal reporting and music. The show raised money for a charitable foundation, which lent radio and TV-equipment to the elderly and sickly. Listeners sent letters to the show, making sure to buy more postage than needed. The extra money went to the foundation.

As of 1962 Danish television has celebrated its own Christmas tradition, in the form of the Children's Christmas Calendar, a serialized TV-series, which has become a daily ritual in December for many Danish families. To go with the series on TV, a printed calender is issued, the profits from which go to children in underdeveloped countries.

Over the years TV-calendars have become more and more popular, and they are made for both children and adults.

On Christmas Day, Danish families gather in front of the television for the annual Disney Christmas Show. The programme is the same every year, despite the network's attemps to change it. Viewers are not having it. A Christmas tradition is a Christmas tradition.

In recent years countless companies have begun using the internet as part of their Christmas traditions, offering online Christmas calendars and competitions with prizes ranging anywhere from chocolate to that big dream-vacation.

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