Coat of mail

A coat of mail is a kind of armor made of mails tied together creating an ironcoat. 

The coat of mail made it easier to move than when wearing an armor, and it could resist thrusts and slashes from swords and spears and resists most arrows.

The oldest Danish Coat of mail was found in Hjortspring and this kind has been used in both the Iron Age, Viking Age and Middle Age. At Hjortspring, there was also discovered a huge boat form the Iron Age.

A coat of mail normally contains 25-30.000 ironrings og weights about 10-15 kg. The coat of mail was made in different lenghts - both above or under the knee. The longer the coat of mail got, the heavier and less flexibility it was. However, the longer version of the coat of mail provided more protection for one's legs. Cuts in the legs could be as lethal as a sword in the chest on the battlefield.

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