Dansk Studiering - Ringen

"Dansk Studiering" (or short "Ringen") can be translated as Danish Study Circle or The Circle. It was a Danish resistance organization and Ringen was active during the German occupation of Denmark 1940-1945. The group mostly worked with the spreading of information in the beginning, but later became active in the buildup of military wait groups.

Ringen was established in 1941 as an information organization. Until 1943, their work primarily consisted of furthering information by the help of so-called study groups, which were basically information meetings. Due to the confidential nature of the information and the Germans censorship of information in Denmark, these types of information could not be published in the press - or communicated otherwise.

From 1943, Ringen took a more illegal turn and the organization started working on building the so-called wait groups. The wait groups were military groups and their purpose was to aid and assist the allied forces, if they were to land in Denmark.

Ringen was lead by Frode Jakobsen, who was also a member of The Danish Freedom Council. He later became minister in the Liberation Cabinet after the war.

In the last year of the war, both Holger Danske and Studenternes Efterretningstjeneste (the Students Intelligence) were attached to Ringen. And in addition to this, also several illegal magazines.

Ringen, as a resistance organization, became very central in the Danish resistance movement due to their information sharing and urge to actively resist the German occupying power. Later on, Ringen participated in organizing Danish resistance groups and building the military wait groups.

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