Ertebølle Culture

The Ertebølle Culture is the name for the Mesolithic culture living in Scandinavia in the time period 5300-3950 BC.

The Ertebølle Culture was named after the village of Ertebølle in Northern Jutland. Excavations in the 1890s revealed many details about the life of the Ertebølle people from their middens of discarded food items. 

The Ertebølle people used pottery, made art and prepared plants as well as hunting and fishing for food. Their graves show signs of religion with grave goods and the bodies covered in red ochre. One body was even buried in a dugout canoe predating the boat burials of the Viking era by several thousand years. The Ertebølle people domesticated dogs and dog burials with their own grave goods have been excavated.

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