Hærvejen (Ox Road)

Hærvejen (in English: Ox Road) is the name of several arterial thoroughfares from Jutland to Germany.

The name Hærvejen emerged for the first time in 1930, where the author Hugo Matthiasen described the road from Viborg to Dannevirke. In certain areas of south Jutland, the road is called Ox Road.

Hærvejen emerged at the same time as the outgrowth of larger villages and curves its way beautifully and idyllically through the countryside of Jutland.

Hærvejen has had many different names throughout the years: Ox Road, Pilgrim Road, Viborg Road, Studevejen - names that all say something about the usage of the road.

Hærvejen is a favorite tour destination for tourists today and following the road leads you through places like: Urnehoved Tingsted, Immervad Bridge, Hærulf Runestone and Danevirke.

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