Andersen, Hans Christian

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) was the son of a shoemaker in Odense. In his hometown Odense, Hans Christian Andersen learned the most basic knowledge acquired at school before he left town and moved to Copenhagen.

At the age of 14, Hans Christian Andersen went to Copenhagen where his talent caught the eye of the influential Jonas Collin, who took care of the boy and provided for him financially the rest of his life. Thanks to Jonas Collin Hans Christian Andersen went to school and was educated.  

H.C. Andersen wrote plays, poems and novels, but is mostly remembered and known for his fairytales. Even though they are very critical of the contemporary society, they appealed to both adults and children - and still do today.

Hans Christian Andersen died unmarried and without children. He is probably the most famous og well-known Danish author throughout the world.

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