Hansen, Hans Christian

H.C. Hansen (1906-60) was a Danish Social Democratic politician. He held multiple ministerial posts.

Hans Christian Svane Hansen was educated as a typographer, but became a part of the Social Democratic Party and was an active figure for DSU, Social Democratic Youth, through the 1920s. In 1936, H.C. Hansen was voted into the Folketing (Danish Parliament).

After World War II, H.C. Hansen functioned both as a Minister of Finance and as a Minister of Trade, and in 1953 he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After Hans Hedtoft’s sudden death in 1955, H.C. Hansen became the Prime Minister of Denmark.

H.C. Hansen died of cancer in 1960. During his political carreer, he was often seen as the political heir to Stauning witin the Social Democratic Party.

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