Illerup Ådal (Illerup River-valley)

Illerup Ådal, or Illerup River-valley in English, is known for the many findings from the Iron Age of swords, helmets and other types of weaponry.

Illerup Ådal is located near Skanderborg and was excavated over a long time period, from 1950 and thereafter. Around 15.000 objects were found in the area, whereof weapons and personal objects were among the most common ones.

Illerup Ådal's history consists of many offerings of falling warrior's weapons and personal objects from different battles throughout the Iron Age. The enemies were primarily Scandinavians, possibly from the Baltic Sea area.

Today, Illerup Ådal is a protected and preserved area even though there are far more to be excavated by archeologists. You can visit the beautiful area and follow some of the lovely tour rutes.

It is possible to see the findings from Illerup Ådal at the Moesgaard Museum.

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