Liberty Memorial

The Liberty Memorial is a monument sited in Copenhagen near Vesterport.

The Liberty Memorial was set up to commemorate the abolition of the Emancipation of the peasantry (or the Adscript) in 1788. The Liberty Memorial marks the Agricultural reforms where peasants were allowed more freedom. The statue was seen as a gift to the Danish people given by King Frederik 6.

The statue was mounted in the same time period as The French Revolution - and at a time when the revolution was at its height.

The Liberty Memorial was also seen as a token of a symbolic victory for the Danish monarchy. For years, the monarchy in Denmark had been regarded as a reformist and enlightened rule. This was also illustrated by the famous painter C.W. Eckersberg in a painting from 1839, where the King is featured as he welcomes happy and thankful peasants. 

The Liberty Memorial has a tremendous symbolic value, and it has been the main commemorative place to visit, when Agricultural reforms were to be celebrated.

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