Sweyn Forkbeard - King

Sweyn Forkbeard (approximately 960-1014) was the son of Harald Bluetooth and king of Denmark, Norway and England. It is unsure who his mother was as all the contemporary sources disagree. 

Sweyn spent much of his reign in England fighting the English king Ethelred the Unready.

It is recorded that Sweyn was driven to attack England after the St Brice's Day (13th November) massacre in 1002. The massacre was an ethnic cleansing of all Danes living in England ordered by Ethelred. Among the victims was Sweyn's sister Gunhilde.

Sweyn finally defeated Ethelred in 1013 and was crowned King of England on Christmas Day. Sweyn died just a couple of months later in February 1014 and was succeeded by his son Canute the Great. It is unsure whether Sweyn was buried in Lund Cathedral or Roskilde Cathedral. 

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