The advanced dike

The Advanced dike was build to prevent flooding in the Tønder marshland in 1979-1981.

A storm surge devastated the Tønder marsh in January 1976, when the entire area, including the town of Tønder, were evacuated. Fortunately, the marshes did not flood, but the Danish Parliament decided, in cooperation with Germany, to build a dike. Construction of the advanced dike began in 1979-1981 and were connected to Emmerlev Klev with the Hindenburg Dike to Sild. It was inaugurated the following year.

The dike is 12 km long, with a width of about 100 m and a height of approximately 8 m. Vidåen runs through the dike at Vidå lock.

There was a heated debate about the implications the work could have on animal and plant life, but all the measures taken proved to be unfounded as the birds came back to the new wade area that arose after the construction of the advanced dike.

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