Grauballe man, the

The Grauballe man is a bog body from the Iron Age found in Grauballe near Silkeborg in 1952.

The Grauballe man is the most well-preserved bog body in Denmark and was uncovered by P.V. Glob and Prehistoric Museum near Aarhus after the body was discovered by a peat worker.

The Grauballe man was executed in the Iron Age. After his death, he was sacrificed in a bog, which was a common ritual for that time period. He had his throat cut open and it is believed that he was executed because he had commited a crime.

The Grauballe man was 30 years old at the time of his sacrifice and was approx. 175 cm. He lived in the period 210-410 B.C, which means pre-Roman Iron Age.

The Grauballe man is exceptionally well-preserved due to the chemical processes found in the peat bogs. The Grauballe man is displayed at Moesgård Museum near Aarhus.

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