The Hvidsten Group

The Hvidsten group (or Hvidstengruppen) was a Danish resistance group during the German occupation of Denmark 1940-1945. The group members all resided in the area around Hvidsten Inn in Jutland. They were active between 1943-1944.

The Hvidsten group was founded by the owner of the Hvidsten Inn, Marius Fiil, and the group's work was centered around him and his family. The Hvidsten Inn is situated between Randers and Mariager - and you can still visit the inn today.

The group received explosives, weapons and ammunition from English airplanes and hid the items until they could be transported elsewhere. Within a short time period, the items were distributed to other resistance groups in Denmark.

The members of the Hvidsten Group received messages regarding new drops by tuning in to the English radio station BBC, who would send out coded messages with the time of the drop.

The Hvidsten group was very successful and were able to hold their activities secret for a relatively long time. The group’s success was unfortunately also their demise. Besides weapons and ammunition, the Hvidsten group also hid several resistance fighters and helped them to their intended destination. Most of these where Danes which had been overseas at the beginning of the occupation. Now, they wished to be a part of the resistance and fight the germans in Denmark - and so, they were parachuted down from the English planes and functioned as secret agents all over the country. Allegedly, some of these agents revealed the Hvidsten group and its members as they were apprehended by the Germans.

The group’s members were arrested by Gestapo 11th of March 1944. At the German court of war, 8 of the group's members were sentenced to death. They were executed on the 29th of June 1944 in Ryvangen, which today is a memorial ground.

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