Lemon, the

The Lemon, aka Jørgen Haagen Schmidt (1910-44) was known to be the handy-man of the resistance movement during the German Occupation. He took part in sabotage operations and assassinations of informers, and he arranged escape routes to Sweden for resistance fighters, who were hiding from the authorities.

The Lemon became a member of the Holger Danske resistance movement in the spring of 1943, where he quickly became friends with another resistance fighter, The Flame. Together the two were responsible for several assassinations of informers during the years 1943-44.

In October 1944, the Gestapo surrounded the Lemon in a villa where he was hiding out. A massive firefight ensued, during which the Lemon died.

The Lemon and his friend, the Flame, are both buried in "Mindelunden" in Ryvangen.

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