Trehøje is the name of three large Bronze Age mounds found at Mols. They are the most famous and well preserved Bronze Age grave mounds found in Denmark.

Trehøje is located in Molsbjerge, a beautiful hilly terrain in Jutland, which has been designated as a national park. The location offers a panoramic view of the area and the fjord. The landscape is grassy and open.

In modern times, the area has been free of cultivation, and therefore, many traces of early Danish history can be found there. The three Bronze Age mounds - hence the name Trehøje (Three Mounds) - are the largest graves in the area. They were part of a larger gravesite and so far, 30 graves have been found within 2 kilometres of the mounds.

Trehøje has never been examined archeologically, but it is a general assuption that we might find some of the most prominent people of the Bronze Age entombed within. Archeologists have proven that only the Bronze Age elite were buried in grave mounds.

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