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Viking Fortress


The viking fortresses are Aggersborg, Fyrkat, Nonnebakken, Trelleborg, and Borgeby. They were constructed as ringforts.

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A Capital City


A capital is the city where the country's government and sometimes the central administration is. What Danish city was a capital?

Capital city, Copenhagen, Government, King, , , , ,
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The Battle of Copenhagen


The British Navy invaded Zealand and bombed Copenhagen in 1807 for three days. The city of Copenhagen went up in flames

Copenhagen, Battle, Napoleon, , , , , ,
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The Hvidsten Group


The Hvidsten group was a Danish resistance group during the German occupation. It was active in the period of 1943-1944

Hvidsten group, resistance, Germany, Randers, Ryvangen, , , ,
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The word "bastion" refers the angular protruding parts of a fortress

fortress, defence, ring wall, archers, , , , ,
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The Danish nobility provided military assistance to the king and in exchange obtained social, economic and political privileges

Title, Social status, Privileges, Countess of Frederiksborg, The Danish constitution, , , ,
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Tollund Man, the


The Tollund Man is on display at the Silkeborg Museum. He is a bog sacrifice from the earliest part of the Iron Age

bog body, Tollund, Silkeborg, Bronze Age, Iron Age, , , ,
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Public "Fruentimmer"


The term a public "Fruentimmer" was used in Denmark and refers to a prostitute

prostitute, public fruentimmer, offentlig fruentimmer, prostitution, veneral infections, , , ,
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Heralds were a king's or a nobleman's messenger

Herald, Messenger, king, noblemen, , , , ,
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