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Folk high school


A folk high school in Denmark refers to an educational institution - also known as an University or College

academic, education, folk high school, university, , , , ,
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Public "Fruentimmer"


The term a public "Fruentimmer" was used in Denmark and refers to a prostitute

prostitute, public fruentimmer, offentlig fruentimmer, prostitution, veneral infections, , , ,
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The Gold Coast


The Gold Coast was a Danish colony in West Africa from 1658 to 1850. Gold, ivory and slaves were the primary trade products

Gold Coast, Colony, Danish Colony, Colonial Power, , , , ,
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Christian VII


Christian VII was a Danish king, but his mental illness made him unable to rule and the country was mostly ruled by royal advisors

Christian VII, Frederik VI, Caroline Mathilde, Struensee, insanity, , , ,
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The Stone Age


During the Stone Age, humans lived as hunters and gatherers. Eventually, they started settling down

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic Mesolithic Paleolithic, Denmark, , , , ,
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Valdemar Era, the


The Age of the Valdemars (1157-1241) is considered a golden age in Denmark's history

Valdemar, Era, king, , , , , ,
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A Birk means a small judicial unit separated from a district. 

Birks, Constitution, 1849, Birk, , , , ,
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A thimble is usually used by a seamstress to protect the fingers against pinpricks

pinpricks, seamstress, thimble, pins, , , , ,
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Jensen, Peter L.


Peter L. Jensen invented the loudspeaker and was a hi-fi pioneer. Jensen’s speakers were e.g. used by Fender in their amplifiers

speaker, inventor, sound, Jensen, Peter Jensen, , , ,
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