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Sørensen, Elise


Elise Sørensen was a Danish nurse, who invented the ostomy pouch and obtained patent on the ostomy pouch in 1954

ostomy pouch, Coloplast, colostomy, Elise Soerensen, , , , ,
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Caroline Mathilde, Queen


Caroline Mathilde was married to King Christian VII and was Queen of Denmark from 1766 to 1772

Caroline Mathilde, Struensee, Christian VII, , , , , ,
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Coat of mail


The coat of mail - also knows as the ring mail - was made of metalrings creating an armor to resist swords and spears

coat of mail, ironrings, ironcoat, Hjortspring, , , , ,
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Ogier the Dane (Holger Danske)


Ogier the Dane is a mythical character with a statue in Kronborg castle and in Skjern's town center

Holger Danske, Holger, Ogier, Kronborg, , , , ,
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The Stone Age


During the Stone Age, humans lived as hunters and gatherers. Eventually, they started settling down

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Neolithic Mesolithic Paleolithic, Denmark, , , , ,
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The Continental Blockade


The Continental Blockade was installed after Napoleon lost the battle at Trafalgar in 1805.

The Continental Blockade, The Continental System, Napoleon, British goods, battle of copenhagen, , , ,
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Dry Battery


The dry battery, an invention by Wilhelm Hellesen. He founded a batteryfactory in Copenhagen, which was bought by Duracell in 1986

, , , , , , , ,
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Hansen, Hans Rasmus Johan Malling


Malling-Hansen created the Hansen Writing Ball after he discovered that deaf people wrote three times faster than other people

Malling-Hansen, The Hansen Writing Ball, first typewriter, deaf, mute, , , ,
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Munk, Kaj

, , , , , , , ,
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