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Dominican Monks


The Dominicans are a mendicant order of monks. The order was created in 1216 by the Spanish saint Dominic de Guzman

monk, order, Blackfriars, The Dominicans, , , , ,
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The advanced dike


The Advanced dike was build to prevent flooding in the Tønder marshland in 1979-1981

flooding, Tønder, Tonder, marsh, , , , ,
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Sweyn Forkbeard - King


Sweyn Forkbeard (approximately 960-1014) was the son of Harald Bluetooth and king of Denmark, Norway and England

, king, , , , , , ,
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Stauning, Thorvald


Stauning transformed the Social Democratic Party in Denmark and became its first leader of goverment

Stauning, Thornvald Stauning, Politics, Social Democratic, , , , ,
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Flame, the


The Flame was a Danish resistance fighter responsible for multiple assassinations of informers during the German Occupation

The flame, The lemon, assasination, Ryparken, Danish resistance, , , ,
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Vegetable caviar, an invention which is rooted in an unsuccessful biology experiment. A Danish patent product, which is sold widely.

Jens Møller, Caviar, Cavi-art, vegetable caviar, , , , ,
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Great Prayer Day


Great Prayer Day (Store Bededag) is a Danish public holiday, falling on the fourth Friday after Easter

Hans Bagger, Store Bededag, Great Prayer Day, wheat buns, , , , ,
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Next to Tivoli, Christiania is the biggest tourist attraction in Copenhagen

Christiania, Free town, Free city, Copenhagen, , , , ,
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Brahe, Karen


Karen Brahe (1657-1736) was a Funen noblewoman and a great collector of books

Nobility, Book, Gøye, Brahe, Karen Brahe, , , ,
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